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Educator in transition
Change begins within you!

Nine-month intensive training
 (Ammersee area)
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Group of all leaders
A training for everyone who is setting up new educational locations and/or  want to accompany self-determined and democratic education


"So, wie wir selbst den Weg in die eigene Freiheit wagen, können wir freie Bildung Gestalten und begleiten." Monika Wernz

Das Traing ist für dich

The training is for you, 

REcht frei zu bilden .jpg

  • if you want to grant young people the rights of self-determination and co-determination and want to accompany and support them respectfully, non-directively and on an equal footing in their development and educational processes. 

  • if you want to found or help shape a free educational place, a free democratic school, a Sudbury school/learning place, or a community (e.g. free learner community).

  • If you would like to participate in a transformation in the education sector with projects, offers and events. 

  • if you provide young people with self-determined education in a free learning environment and support them.

  • if you are ready to embark on a personal, holistic nine-month development process within a community and thus on a path to more freedom, personal responsibility and potencyial development and cooperation in your life.  


Monika WErnz 

Training accompaniment, educator, former school founder, Three In One Concepts facilitator,

Speaker for self-determined education.


further information

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Droid Serif consists of shorter letters, allowing a lot of text to fit in the same place. The font is easy to read and is also suitable for mobile devices.

Droid Serif consists of shorter letters, allowing a lot of text to fit in the same place. The font is easy to read and is also suitable for mobile devices.

Joanna Xander

Express yourself,  Family coach



Gerlinde Wagner

Psychologist, systemic approach, constellation work to develop potential, core creative change

further information

Peter Gray

Professor, Dr. Peter Gray, 

Developmental psychologist, author, president Alliance for Self-Directed EducationExpert in self-determined education, scientist.

Further information,Link, link


Je'ánna L Clements

Self-determined education expert, author and founding member of riverstone village (first Sudbury Community Africa)  


Neue Schule Hamburg

Dr. Sarah Alexi

long-time employee  the new school in Hamburg, speaker, research assistant 

further information 

Craniosacrale Osteopathie

Kristina Prepoutsidis 

Craniosacral biodynamics, moving embryology, the universal creative power 

further information


Nähere Informationen Demnächst 

No team, no dream
Sudbury Netherland

Dr. Christel Hartkamp

Founder and employee of Sudbury Schools in Holland, author, expert in self-determined and democratic education, scientist.

further information

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Frances Alvo

Former student and graduate of Sudbury Valley School, Boston 


Netanel Maier,

Former student and graduate of Sudbury School Jerusalem 



Derry Hannam

Former headmaster and school inspector from England, author (Another Way is Possible)  expert in democratic education, scientist


Further information   

Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte
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Main content areas 

Aufbau und Termine



The training consists of 5 modules in attendance,  Literature study, internships, practical experiences, group calls (online), individual coaching and the formation of collaborations together. 


This interplay of theoretical knowledge, inner experience and self-reflection, practical experience, implementation of goals, exchange and community building processes enables a space for experience and development, which also influences the perspective and basic attitude of self-determined education within a community

reflects and makes it tangible. 

Overview  Events


1st module (4 days)    03.10. - 10/06/2024

2nd module (4 days)    28.11. - 12/01/2024

3rd module (4 days)    30.01. - 02/02/2025

4th module (4 days)    27.03. - April 1, 2025

5th module (4 days)    29.05. - June 1, 2025

During the training, shadowing and

Internships lasting several weeks are recommended.


A total of 12 group calls via Zoom take place every two weeks between the modules. Between the 5 modules, each participant is offered individual coaching (Zoom), so a total of 4 individual coaching sessions. 



Input literature, scientific foundation/offers/tools/support tasks for integration into everyday life, buddy concept. 


If necessary, a translation (English/German) is offered for the workshops of the English-speaking cooperation partners.  

Modules, calls, internships, internships 
Single couching PDF


Inspiration and practical experience

- In self-organization and in the form of a recommendation: internships, open days, online events

various free learning/education places, communities, democratic schools, Sudbury schools, free schools, free learner families, ... 

-- get to know differences and 


- Presentations and exchanges

in the calls


Internship lasting several weeks (recommended)


Modul 4

Living democracy 

- Workshop: A democratic community and its structures (Christel Hartcamp) 

- SV, committees and cooperations

- Decision-making processes 

- Conflict resolution options

- Skills for community building - no team- no dream  

- Group of all Leaders

- Project work and implementation 

- Team building event (drum and music)


Group calls

Group calls


Group calls take place between the modules at regular intervals (approx. every 2 weeks). instead of. This serves to be in contact as a group and to delve deeper into specific upcoming topics. Individual lecturers and cooperation partners occasionally take part in the calls.

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Nine months of training

Your birth into a freer and self-determined life 

Workshops and content of the individual modules can be flexible and adapted to the group development process.  


Modul 3

Freedom and responsibility

-  Workshop with Peter Gray

  Mother Nature Pedagogy

- The meaning of the game 

- Get out of the cave

- The magic of being

- Playful examination of one's own (learning) biography 

- Descooling process - personal work with inner parts

- Blockages and obstacles to potential development 

- I am free and responsible

- Let's do it!!! Make it easy! Objective    and implementation 

- Express your self on stage (Joana Xander)


Modul 2

Individuality and community


- Getting to know each other and introduction

- Paradigm shift. Basic attitude and deepening

- Workshop: Theory of self-directed education (Jeanna L.Clements)

- Conditions for self-determined and 

  democratic education 

- Forms of learning and learning content

- The role of  Learning companion/collaborator

- Vision finding - Personal goal setting

- Individuality and community, systemic positioning and personal orientation (Gerlinde Wagner) 


Modul 5

Deepening practical experience

- Educational event/project work

- Exchange and reflection of the diverse practical experiences 

- Presentations - insights into practice

- Workshop with Sarah Alexi (Neue Schule Hamburg) 

- Workshop with Christel Hartcamp (Sudbury School Holland)

- Sudbury Education - My    Way to educate myself in a self-determined way (workshop with Netanel   Maier and Frances Avo) 

- Concrete and very practical - deepening the implementation of independent educational places and projects. 



Individual coaching and stress management 

Each participant receives the offer of four individual coaching sessions between the modules. This offer is effective supplementary individual support to resolve blockages and obstacles to your own potential development and to support the implementation and integration process.
The sessions take place online outside of the modules.

Individual coaching


Modul 6

The power of cooperation

- Deepening the module contents

- Individual final presentations

- Speaker training

- Moving Embryology -  (Kristina Prepoutsides) Creation potential and embodiment

- Team building - The power of cooperation

- Systemic work - Alignment and implementation power - On to the new




The fee for the entire training (5 modules, individual coaching and group calls) is €5500 (plus VAT)  

The fees do not include travel costs, meals and accommodation 

Training fees 


If you are interested, arrange a non-binding introductory meeting and write to me:E-mail

Here you can apply

Download PDF

Admission procedure 


The modules take place in person at the Rosenhof near Wessobrunn (Ammersee area).

 The calls and individual coaching take place online.

Internships and internships at locations of your choice.

Training location



Die Gebühr für das gesamte Training (6 Module, Einzelcoachings und Gruppencalls) beträgt 5500 € (inklusive MwSt.)  

Nicht enthalten in den Gebühren sind Anreisekosten, Verpflegung und Übernachtung 

Dies erfolgt in Selbstorganisation.  Airbnbunterbringungen, Gasthöfe und Hotels sind im näheren Umkreis buchbar


Times for the modules

First day: 3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m

further days:  9.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.

Last day: 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

Thursday call: 8:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m

Individual coaching by individual agreement


Monika Diop-Wernz
IMG_0991 2.jpg

Monika Wernz Expert in self-determined education, democratic education and potential development, former school founder, stress management, kinesiologist, educator, Wailea coaching training (leadership training, learning method according to Martin Sage and Sonja Becker)

Together with a team of experts at my side, I design a unique development and experience space for your own inner transformation process and the implementation of your vision. I look forward to hearing from you, your application or a non-binding introductory conversation!

More information about me

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