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MoNika WErnz 


educational innovator, educator, former School founder, kinesiologist, founder of Education in Transition 


I ran the Kinderhaus Schwabing e.V. as an educator for almost 10 years. For years I experienced how young people are driven by their natural curiosity.

In my training as a Three In One Concepts Consultant Facilitator, I learnt a lot about the causes of stress and gained deeper insights into what prevents us humans from living our abilities and thus developing our potential.

I ran a practice for school stress management, conflict resolution and potential development in Munich for several years. When I first came into contact with the Sudbury Valley School, I was thrilled. Self-determined education within a clearly structured community is realised here consistently and with heart.



During my nine years of voluntary work as a founding member of a Sudbury School in Bavaria, I gave talks about Sudbury Schools and supported the democratic education movement in a variety of ways.


An educational excursion to eleven different democratic schools worldwide (mostly Sudbury schools) strengthened me on my path. By immersing myself in practice, I gained a real-life approach and a realistic view of all the challenges, difficulties, opportunities and successes.


After nine years, the Sudbury School Ammersee opened in September 2014. From the very beginning of the school's opening, I put my heart and soul into working at this school. In the 2016 school year, the government of Upper Bavaria closed the school, unfairly and unlawfully in the view of the school's sponsor. (More information)


After the closure, I ran a forest kindergarten in Dießen am Ammersee for 3 years.


In autumn 2020, I started a High-Performance Leadership training at Wailea and founded my own company Education in Transition.


Today, I use my knowledge, skills and wealth of experience to support a much-needed change in our education system.   

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