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“The education changer - departure into the new” 


“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela


Cordial invitation,

let us ignite a fire of educational transformation!

The educational crisis is omnipresent. A school and education system that is hierarchically structured and characterized by external control and a "higher, faster, further and better" mentality is like a sinking Titanic.

What can we specifically do NOW? How can we design education in such a way that young people's rights to self-determination and co-determination are respected and democratic values are truly lived? How can we break new ground to preserve young people's innate genius, curiosity, creativity and love of learning?

Educational innovator and speaker Monika Wernz has faced these complex questions for over 30 years of her educational career. She has researched free-democratic places of education and alternative forms of education around the world, led a school stress management practice, helped set up a free-democratic school (Sudbury School Ammersee) and founded the company Education in Transition.

She states: "We can no longer feel at the mercy of an education system that is built on power and control and fear takes over. It is now up to each and every one of us what we say yes to and what we say no to, what values we focus and how we reshape our education and our world."


Transform yourself - Transform Education

With this guiding principle in mind, Monika Wernz invites everyone interested in education, teachers, young people, parents, pioneers, educational changers to an enlightening, creative, connecting and inspiring evening of lectures and networking. This evening supports this necessary, also personal breakthrough on your own path to more freedom, self-development and self-determination and is therefore also a valuable impulse for more ability to act and for profound changes. This is not about a path that must be taken. Monika Wernz illuminates and clarifies grievances, opens up new perspectives for a free, pluralistic educational landscape, inspires with experience and well-founded knowledge, focuses on the transformative fire of enthusiasm and enables everyone to ignite this within themselves and become active NOW with their personal values.

The program also includes creative elements, coaching tools to strengthen personal vision finding and implementation, networking and exchange.


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