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"Man only plays when he is human in the full meaning of the word, and he is only fully human when he plays."

                                  Friedrich Schiller 


Trust as a basis 

"The basic philosophical attitude is trust. We believe that young peoplen can trust and that they can educate themselves.  
We believe that we are born with a natural instinct to survive, that it is something we have within us and that we have all the tools to survive. When children grow up in an environment where freedom and respect are valued, they can educate themselves. They follow their impulses and pursue what interests them and what they want to do. They know what is good for them. You will succeed. They will survive."

(Menachem Goren, Staff, Sudbury School Golanhights)


Age mix 

“The “secret weapon” age mix is a hit. It increases learning and teaching ability tremendous. It creates a human environment that is dynamic and corresponds to the reality of life. Our place has often been compared to a village where everyone mixes together, everyone learns and teaches and is a role model and helps and argues - and plays their role in life. I think that's a good picture. "


(Daniel Greenberg, Sudbury Valley School)


We leave the young people alone

"We leave young people alone. Period. No maybes. No exceptions. We help when asked. We don't interfere. People come primarily to learn, and that's what they do, every day all day." 


(Daniel Greenberg, founder and employee Sudbury Valley School)


The beauty of cooperation 

The beauty of benevolent cooperation lies in the fact that taking and giving balance each other out, strengths and weaknesses are dependent on each other. The fear of being less can die, trust can grow.

Like little lights illuminating each other.


The system provides security

"The system makes the children feel safe because you know there is a whole system that works to solve the problems in the community. It is not in the hands of one person who decides everything. Everyone is equal. You can always express your opinion and at the same time you learn to say it in an appropriate way and to be involved in the discussion. This is an important skill in my opinion. I liked it a lot, it was one of my favorite things and I was very involved ."


(Danielle, Alumni, Jerusalem Sudbury School)


Time enough 


No bells are required. No “lessons”. There's no one saying, now it's time to do something else. 


The time, that someone spends on any activity always comes from him/herself. There is always enough the right amount of time that he/she wants and needs. Nobody tells her, now it's time to do something else. 


Natural drive

"Children come into the world wonderfully prepared, and they have a strong motivation to educate themselves. They do not need to be forced to learn. Coercion actually undermines their natural need to learn. What they need are opportunities. My message to society is The following: We should stop worrying about the "education" of children and instead think about how the conditions must be designed to maximize each child's ability to educate themselves.

(Peter Gray, PH D, Research Professor of Psychology)

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